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Рецензия на релиз Mark Zaraboy - the Growl на Junodownload!

Такое классное чувство, когда сделаешь релиз, выпустишь его, и потом какой-то чувак на другой стороне земного шара напишет про твою работу вот такое:

 "If you were convinced that Berghain holds all the aces when it comes to hard techno, then you'll be surprised by this release on Ukrainian label Toyfriend. Owing more to the sound of London squat techno veterans like DAVE The Drummer and the Liberators than European or US purism, "The Disease" is a heavy, tracky workout that climaxes to an intensely dark filter and head-meltingly hard industrial riffs. It seems that Zaraboy does not just want to bludgeon the listener into submission however: "The Growl Tool" starts with an arcing, atmospheric riff that hangs in the air, waiting for a monstrous kick that never materialises. Zaraboy completes the arc a number of times and in so doing, proves to be a subtler producer than many may have assumed."

Я чертовски доволен


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