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Bassive EP - рецензия на Junodownload
 Товрищи из Juno интересно прокомментировали мой новый релиз Bassive, больше всего понравилась фраза "minimalism on steroids" :))

"One of the most hotly tipped producers to come from the former Soviet states, Ukrainian Alexey Gordiyenko certainly believes in getting down to business. This is apparent on the title track, where from the outset a rolling, filtered rhythm takes the listener to a peak time scenario. Thundering, reverberated claps and a vocal sample intoning 'bass' complete the devastating combination. While "Zero Divider" opts for a different tact, it still arrives at the same destination. The beats are granite hard and the percussion jack-knifes like a juggernaut on ice, but the most deadly component here is the searing filtered riff, which sounds like minimalism on steroids."
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